Connecting with Story

storytelling programs for all audiences and venues

Sheila uses story to connect with people of all kinds, from pre-school children to octogenarians, from inner city youth to suburban church members.  She uses her knowledge of human development, her passion for history, her compassion for humanity and her extraordinary performance skills to craft and deliver storytelling programs that engage and entertain audiences nationally and internationally in all kinds of venues.  Below is a list of her current story offerings.  Individualized programs can be developed to meet your specific needs.  Use the contact form to request a programming list with detailed descriptions of all programs. 

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General Programs 

A wonderful collection of stories old and new designed to entertain, educate, and engage audiences of all ages, backgrounds, and communities. 


Author Visit 

18th-century:  Ol’ Bess speaks at a Gathering 

African Stories:  Motherland Comes Home 

African American:  Keeping Heritage Alive 

Around the World…IN STORIES 

Democracy, Freedom, and Protest 

General Storytelling:  Tales for Everyone 

Giants, Grand Adventures, and Great Ideas (Elementary School Only)


Morality Tales:  Character Education 101 Ole Skool Classics

Ole School Classics

Permission to Be Free

The Opposite of Bully:  Upstanders 

Slightly Scary Tales and Sometimes Slightly More

We Own the Night: Storytelling & Poetry Program for Teens  (MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL ONLY)

What Manner of Character…?

Words of Excitement: A Storytelling Program for Parents

Specialty Programs 

Locks Opened Series

This program is historical storytelling at its best.  Through story and song Master Storyteller, Sheila Arnold, shares about local waterways that were part of the Underground Railroad.  Most of the stories are from an 1870s book written by William Still, a Conductor for the Underground Railroad and Secretary of the Philadelphia Abolitionist Society. 


Waterways to Freedom

Left Behind


Law & Order:  Resistance


Children at the Border





Preschool programs

A collection of stories, song and interactive programs crafted  with consideration given to sensitivities and cognitive abilities especially for the younger audience. 

General:  Introduction to Reading Literacy

Hats – Occupations Around Us

Kings and Queens – Fun Stories of Royalty

My Piano – Music and Instruments

Playing the Game – Olympics; Being a Good Sport

That’s Shocking:  Electricity – electricity taught briefly along with electricity safety and colors

Wish I Was a Horse Animals Pre-School Storytelling Program

 Slightly Scary Tales and Sometimes Slightly More

 Under Our Feet Storytelling Program

Christian Monologues

A compilation of  witnesses focused on specific tenets of Christian faith and life.  Monologues are followed by an inspirational presentation between 20 – 45 minutes.  These programs must be requested at least three months prior to the program date. 

Little One: Showing Thanks to Jesus

Ania: Spreading the Good News

Mary: From Bitter Heart to Restored Amazement

Deborah: Being a Light:  Purpose in the Kingdom of Heaven

Procula: Jesus – Who is this Man?

Hadassah: Falling Away, Repentance and Forgiveness