Teaching through the artistry of Story

Professional development and workshops

 As a Teaching Artist, Sheila brings her experience and expertise as an Entrepreneur, Teacher, and Performer to schools, businesses, churches, and community groups. From branding consultations to employee coaching, from teaching teachers to making students into storytellers, Sheila guide her audience on a journey of personal and professional growth using a hands-on approach and real-life examples in workshops, classes, courses and consultations.  Below is a sample list of workshops Sheila offers.  All programs can be adapted for either full or half day presentations.  Sheila is always open to development of commissioned training programs to meet the your specific organizational needs.  


“A good workshop is one that not only adds value, but with takeaways that are immediately applicable and usable. Sister Arnold’s workshop was GREAT!!! She is personable and clear with a training (Zoom) that most of us are actively using right now. This was a good one…Thanks”  – Ivory D. – CABS Workshop on Zoom.

Professional Development and Workshops

“Being History:  Character Interpretation – a Teaching/Presentation Method”

Character Interpretation is a wonderful teaching and presentation method that is often used in museums for students and adults.  Learn how to adapt this great method for a) you as a teacher to present information, and b) for your students as a presentation method.  


“Healing the Sting:  Teaching African-American History and Slavery to Culturally Diverse Audiences”

This training session takes an intimate look at the way you teach African-American History, gives personal hints to use in the classroom (tailored to each teacher), encourages discussion about teaching techniques that work, and provides solid information about slavery in America.  


“Sit Tight on your Biscuits”:  Creative and effective ways to create a learning environment with children

Sheila Arnold ‘s programs with elementary and preschool students are filled with loads of fun, but that fun is done in such a controlled manner that she has been asked often to write down her techniques. Learn those same techniques and how they translate to your classroom. 


“Storytelling as a Technique in Teaching”

 Learn some of the techniques of storytelling along with concrete ways of quickly applying these techniques in your classroom setting.  This training session will include group interaction and practice, as well as provides a list of useful resources for the classroom.  If you already tell stories, why not add to your present repertoire and assist others who may have some trepidations. 


Folktales, Fairytales & Social Justice

Fairytales can engage us in the imaginary and hopeful.  Folktales gives us glimpses into cultural thoughts and norms.  This session will combine hopes and cultural thoughts to address social justice issues, like suicide, PTSD, poverty, immigration, race reconciliation, etc.  Hear a story combining fairy tale and a current issue, and then join a group discussion and brainstorm how we can use the oldest stories as vehicles for awareness and change.


Emcee: Being the Magnificent Communicator for programs and events

What makes a great Emcee?  Is it natural or are there techniques everyone can take t heart?  Sheila shares tips that are useful in being an Emcee and are perfect for beginner to experienced.  Learn how to make an audience a community, and those introduced feel like royalty.


Healing the Divides through Storytelling

Storytelling is a surprisingly flexible tool. It can entertain, inspire, inform, and even heal. Building on the use of storytelling as a healing practice in communities, schools, health care facilities, and religious institutions, Sheila will demonstrate how stories can help us heal divides and create a more inclusive and equitable world. The session will begin with a conversation-sparking story, then Sheila will teach participants how to find stories, use them to facilitate discussion, and create spaces where they can be received.